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Zaujímavý nápad kolegov z Rumunska

Rumunsko vyvinulo aplikáciu zameranú na podporu franchisingových konceptov na Rumunskom trhu. Ak pôsobíte na Rumunskom trhu, prihláste svoje franchisingové koncepty do aplikácie, ktorá je prvou svojho druhu v oblasti východnej Európy.
Aplikácia je k dispozícii pre platformu Android aj iPhone pre všetky zariadenia. Aplikácia je priateľská a ľahko použiteľná všetkými záujemcami o získanie franchisingu.

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to announce you the newest and boldest project of our association: an app. dedicated to promote franchises willing to expand their networks in Romania. Both domestic and foreign franchisors are invited to enroll their concepts into the first franchise application from Eastern Europe and Balkans area.

Due to a grant, we managed to obtain and since we want to boost the public interest toward this app. we offer for a limited period a free registration pass to your national brands willing to export their successful concepts onto our national market. So, until 20th of June we invite interested franchisors from your country to contact us and receive a free of charge enrollment for their brands. For those interested to enroll we will provide the proper forms and we shall translate the materials from English to Romanian.

The app. will be available both for Android and iPhone platforms for all devices. The app is friendly and easy to use by all interested in acquiring a franchise and presents the concepts gathered by domains (retail, beauty, real estate, HoReCa etc).

Right now, a beta (demo) version of the app. is already available just to show and simulate the final product (in Google store under the name Franciza). The app. is in Romanian language since is designated exclusive for domestic market.

I’d like to emphasize that a marketing campaign started already onto Google to promote the product and we already received a very positive feedback from potential franchisees. The advertisement campaign will have a duration of minimum 6 month on Google every day and that will increase the chances to find the proper partners.

Our team will be happy to answer to all questions and to provide all needed details so, anyone interested in Franciza app. is invited to contact us at with subject: Franciza app.

Best regards,

Constantin Anton

President of Romanian Franchise Association

ASOCIATIA ROMANA DE FRANCIZA - Asociatie de Utilitate Publica
Romanian Franchise Association - Public Utility Association |

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